Track the OPL Odyssey’s progress:

Its 800,000 KM to the moon and back.

Distance read: 800,000/800,000KM

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! We reached our goal of reading to the moon and back. We will announce the total number of minutes read and kilometers traveled at our Splash Down Party on July 25. Well done, flight crews!

2018: A Library Odyssey

Once upon a time, the curious patrons of the Orem Public Library dreamed of leaving Earth to explore the cosmos. This summer they are finally got their chance.

After receiving word that a crew of astronauts were stranded on the moon, members of the Orem community assembled into flight crews, registered to board the OPL Odyssey, and blasted off on a summer reading adventure.

After blast off, flight crews powered the OPL Odyssey by tracking the minutes they read during the summer. We achieved our goal of reading to the moon and back, a total of 800,000 km or 800,000 minutes read.

While on our journey, flight crews completed space quests which elevated their crew’s prestige, qualified them for small prizes, and earned their entrance into the summer reading finale giveaway. 

Now we’re ready to celebrate a job well done. Join us as we celebrate the homecoming of the OPL Odyssey at the Summer Reading Splash Down Party on July 25 at 7:00PM in the City Center Courtyard.