2018: A Library Odyssey

Once upon a time, the curious patrons of the Orem Public Library dreamed of leaving Earth to explore the cosmos. This summer they are finally getting their chance.

We’ve just received word that a crew of astronauts have been stranded on the moon, and NASA needs our help to rescue them! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Talk to your family, your neighbors, and your friends, and assemble your very own flight crew. All ages are invited to participate, but your flight crew must include at least two people and cannot exceed ten people.
  2. Once you’ve found your flight crew, attend the summer reading blast-off party to board our spaceship, the OPL Odyssey, and take off on a new adventure!
  3. After blast-off, your task is simple—READ. Each minute you read with your flight crew gets the OPL Odyssey one kilometer closer to our goal of reading to the moon and back, a total of 800,000 km.
  4. Along the way, your flight crew will have opportunities to complete space quests.
  5. Complete these quests, and you’ll earn badges that elevate your crew’s prestige, earn your entrance into our exclusive Outer Space Escape Room, and qualify you for small prizes. Earn 15 badges by July 21 and you’ll be entered into the summer reading finale giveaway.

The Orem Library, or rather, Mission Control, will celebrate the homecoming of the OPL Odyssey at the Landing Party on July 25.